Check the events in the main beaches of the state

22/08/2016 - Jesuíno Santana Jr. / Governor of the State of Tocantins

This year’s summer season in Tocantins is full throttle. From north to south, many citizens of Tocantins and tourists enjoy the warm temperatures, close to 40° Centigrade, in the many cities that offer idyllic river beaches, with complete infrastructure, concerts, camping areas and suitable locations for sports and cultural events.

Visitors to the state’s beaches can count on Government support, not only because of the resources provided to municipal governments but also because of the services provided in several areas. Firefighters, military police, health service teams, amongst other professionals, ensure that the population can enjoy their leisure time safely and carefree.

If you still have not decided your destination this season, check some of the activities programmed for the main beaches of Tocantins this weekend. More information about the 2016 beach season is also available on the website


Gaivota Beach is on the shores of Araguaia river and it is located in the city of Araguacema, 297 km from Palmas. Beach season lasts until August 2nd and, this weekend, the visitors can enjoy three concerts: one by the band Kit Ilusão on Friday, the 22nd, and by Kenet Borges and Babado Novo on Saturday the 23rd. The beach has a full infrastructure of restaurants, pubs, tents for rent and camping area.


Visitors to Araguanã have the opportunity to enjoy two beaches, Praia de Araguanã or Praia Grande, both in Araguaia river, 259 km from the capital. Beach season lasts until August 2nd. There are two marinas with more than 60 bass boats. This Saturday, the 23rd, there are also concerts by Banda Sedução and the singer Polyana Braga.


In the city of Guaraí, 173 km from Palmas, there is Barra beach, where high season lasts until July 31st. The infrastructure offers a food court with 16 restaurants, four diners and an ice cream parlor, in addition to a stage, bathrooms and Military Police security and Fire Fighters. Next Saturday, the 23rd, there will be a Beach Soccer championship, a boat ride from Tupirama to Barra and a concert with singers Léo Santana and Diego Sales.


The beaches in Palmas have a permanent infrastructure with pubs, restaurants, kiosks, parking lot and security. The most popular beaches are Graciosa, the most central; Prata, a theme beach with rustic decor; and Arnos, in the northern region.


Tourists who visit the historical city of Paranã, 304 km from Palmas, can visit Praião de Dominguinhos, a beach located between two rivers, Palma and Paranã. Season lasts the whole month of July and this Saturday, the 23rd, there is a concert by Banda Garota Bandida, and on Sunday, the 24th, one by Banda Beke 2.

Pau D’arco

Formed by sandy banks in the middle of Araguaia river, in the city of Pau D’Arco, 408 km from Palmas, Fofoca beach has more than 30 bass boats. When arriving at the beach, the tourist can choose one of the 12 restaurants and pubs, with tents right on the beach to protect them from the sun and a variety of foods and drinks. There are also several accredited walking vendors. Season lasts throughout the month of July. This Friday, the 22nd, there is a concert by Tom de Alerta; on Saturday, the 23rd, Camila Thiê and Banda Anjo Azul are presenting and on Sunday, fun will be brought to the stage by DJs Rick Miranda and Moisés Mp.

Pedro Afonso

With white sandy beaches and crystal water, Praia do Sono is located in the urban area of the city of Pedro Afonso, 304 km from Palmas and it has 30 thousand square meters. The beach has full gastronomic infrastructure and bathroom facilities for the tourists. Next Friday, the 22nd, there will be a concert by Menina Faceira; on Saturday, the 23rd, the singers Augusto and Valente will be presenting; and on Sunday, the 24th, the band Forró Boys will run the show.

São Salvador

Moreninha beach is located in the municipality of São Salvador, 649 km from Palmas, on the shore of Tocantins river. The beach has permanent infrastructure and there are kiosks, bathrooms and sports court in the waterfront. In addition, there are tents on the river shore and a stage for major concerts and events. This Saturday, the 23rd, there is a concert with the band Papazoni and the duo Henrique and Rangel.


Raposa beach occupies an area of approximately 5 hectares available for the public, where there are eight kiosks, 16 commercial tents, a major tent for events, bathrooms, two beach areas and circulation area. The beach is located near the urban area of Tupirantins. This Saturday, the 23rd, there is a concert with the band Forrozão Mulher de Luxo and a tent with electronic music played by different DJs.


In the city of Xambioá, located in the Northern region of the state, 507 km from the capital, tourists can visit Murici beach. This Saturday, the 23rd, there is a concert with singer Fernanda Neres and other local artists