Registrations are now open for the competitions in Cantão

22/08/2016 - Cleide Veloso/ Tocantins Government

Next Thursday, the 14th, Cantão State Park, a conservation unit managed by Instituto Natureza do Tocantins (Naturatins) [Tocantins Nature Institute] celebrates its 18th anniversary preserving local biodiversity. The commemoration will take place on July 15th and 16th, with several activities for sports enthusiasts, environmentalists and the local community.

The team of Cantão State Park open the registration for the 1st Traditional Canoe Race of Cantão, with more than R$ 1,000.00 in prizes. Another highlight in the program is the 2nd Trail Run of Cantão, a race that takes place in Ferrugem trail, which crosses Park. The event counts on 150 competitors, both adults and children.

The Manager for Supporting the Social and Economic Development of the Executive Board for Biodiversity and Protected Areas of Naturatins, Marcelo Henrique Costa Rodrigues, gave a statement about the competitions. “More than a competition, the events will provide the sports enthusiasts an opportunity to come in contact with some of the abundant biodiversity of Tocantins”, he explained.  

Cantão State Park is located in the municipalities of Caseara and Pium, approximatly 260 km from Palmas. The Park was officially opened to the public in the year of 2008, with great touristic potential. The beaches in rivers Araguaia and Coco are the main attractions, as well as the trails.


Those interested in obtaining more information about the competitions, the prizes and how to register should contact the organization. Phone: +55 63 3379-1438.  

Cantão State Park

Cantão State Park was the first conservation unit for full protection created in Tocantins, on July 14th, 1998, with the issuing of a State Law n. 996 and it is considered one of the most important protected areas in the Brazilian Amazon, due to its great biological abundance. This conservation unit protects 325 species of birds, 299 species of fish, as well as the largest populations of different species such as the recently discovered Inia Araguaiensis, the giant otter, spotted jaguars, black caiman, harpies, amongst others.


July 15th


18:30 - Opening ceremony for the festivities, with a speech by the Manager of Cantão State Park and guests

19:00 - Briefing about the Race (at the Park auditorium)

19:50 - Lecture - A retrospective history of the Park - Instituto Araguaia - George

20:50 - Lecture and observation with a telescope - Instituto Araguaia and Cantão State park;

21:30 - Luau - Cantão State Park team.

July 16th


2nd TRAIL RUN OF CANTÃO: Caseara City Hall administration, Instituto Araguaia, CCtrekking, Department of Sports, Scyfra trail Runnings and Gustavo Borges team;

7:00 - START - children’s category;

7:30 - START - beginners and professional categories

8:30 - Expected finishing time (there will be a tent for athletes to rest)

8:45 - Devotional - auditorium (with the team from Naturatins and the manager of Cantão State Park)

9:00 - Opening Ceremony (keynote speeches given by local authorities such as the mayor, the chairman of Naturatins, the manager of Cantão State Park and representatives of NGOs)

9:15 - Breakfast at Cantão State Park;

9:30 - 11:30 - Boat race - Eládio lake;

11:40 - Distribution of prizes and gifts for the participants of the sports competitions;

13:00 - Closing Ceremony  


Distribution of native plants seedlings - Cantão State Park

Stand of the Environmental Military Police

Videos about Environment - Cantão State Park

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