Encantos do Jalapão

This destination is well known by ecotourism and adventure tourism enthusiasts. The region is located in the state of Tocantins and its abundant waters, plateaus and mountain rages with warm weather delights visitors and residents alike. The landscape of Cerrado, with its orange dunes, waterfalls, river springs and impressive rock formations never ceases to amaze even the most seasoned travelers.

Every year the number of Brazilian and foreign tourists who venture north looking for this destination grows. The region is one of the main ecotourism destinations in the country. Most of the attractions are located in the cities of Mateiros, Novo Acordo, Ponte Alta do Tocantins e São Félix do Tocantins. With about 34 thousand km² of arid landscape, the region is crisscrossed by rivers, brooks and streams, all with transparent and potable water.

The attractions guarantee fun during the whole year, either in the dry or rainy seasons, tailored to the tourist’s interests. For the most adventurous ones, the region is ideal for practicing sports like rafting, canoeing, abseiling and trails on foot or by bike.

Amongst the most popular attractions are the Cachoeira da Velha, a huge waterfall in a horseshoe shape approximately, 100 meters wide and 15 meters high; the fine orange sand Dunes, one of Jalapão’s most impressive sceneries, reaching up to 40 meters; and the towns of Mumbuca and Prata, which are communities of descendants of escaped black slaves who lived in remote settlements, where it is possible for the tourist to visit and live the local culture. There is also Serra do Espírito Santo, a rock formation where it is possible to enjoy the native flora; Cachoeira da Formiga, a charming spring of emerald green water; and the Fervedouros (Boiling Wells), with their transparent waters where people float.

The region has been protected by the creation of several parks, conservation units and Environmental Protection Areas - Jalapão State Park, the Parnaíba River Springs National Park; the Serra Geral do Tocantins Ecological Station; the Environmental Protection Areas Serra da Tabatinga and Jalapão - which shows a genuine concern with preserving this incredible natural patrimony.