Cachoeira do Formiga

The waterfall was named after the river it is in, Formiga river. The waterfall itself is small, but it creates a large emerald color pool downstream. The water is transparent and even at its deepest end you can see the white thin limestone sand at the bottom. Around this natural swimming pool, the vegetation is exuberant and resembles the Atlantic forest, with Palm trees, ferns and many trees, with animals crossing here and there. Like other Jalapão jewels, it is on private property and the visits are paid. Visitors are also allowed to camp but, if you wish to do so, it is necessary your own food, drinks and the like, as well as comply with the requirements of not leaving behind any kind of garbage. Indeed, this requirement is valid also for Jalapão State Park.

How to get there: leaving Mateiros through the highway BR-255 in direction of São Félix. There are 36 km of dirt road.