Praias e Lagos do Cantão

Adventure tourism, ecotourism and observation of flora and fauna: enthusiast of these kinds of activities can not miss one of the most amazing natural sceneries of the country. In the state of Tocantins, the region called Cantão is home to rivers, forests and rich biodiversity, with great natural resources.

The region, comprising the municipalities of Araguacema, Caseara, Lagoa da Confusão and Pium has unique characteristics, for being transition between the largest Brazilian ecosystems: the Amazon and the Cerrado.

The fauna is characterized by animals endemic to Cerrado and the Amazon forest – it possible to find alligators, deer and river dolphins, among others. The immense variety of bird species - more than 500 - makes Cantão a true paradise for fans of ecotourism. This, combined with numerous species of fish, beaches and lakes that make up the scenery, attracts tourists and researchers.

The region also includes the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of Ilha do Bananal, Cantão State Park, Araguaia National Park and the Indigenous Park of Araguaia, home to the Karajá and Javaés ethnicities.

The high temperatures recorded throughout the year, combined with the terrain and hydrographic features are also factors that favor adventure and ecotourism activities other than those related to the contemplation of the landscape.

Among the attractions, visitors to the region have the opportunity to enjoy rivers, beaches, trails and igapós, the freshwater swamp forests. The beaches formed along the Araguaia River attract thousands of tourists each year, in the dry season, especially in July, which is high season. The most popular destinations are the municipalities of Araguacema and Caseara.

But it is during the floods that the river has the greatest diversity of species of fish and exotic birds, and other animals of the Brazilian fauna, providing activities related to recreational fishing and observation.

On the border with the state of Pará, the Araguaia meets the rivers Coco and Javaés, forming a kind of delta and throughout the region of the Cantão State Park there are lakes, canals and islands. Among the most frequent routes are the tracks of the Great Lakes:  Três Pernas, Benta, Cabana and Cega-Machado. Adventurers can practice tree climbing in Cantão, a vast ground for all options of adventure.