Vale dos Grandes Rios

The Valley of Great Rivers encompasses a region between the rivers Araguaia and Tocantins, in the northern region. The region stands out on the area of animal husbandry and for hosting large business fairs. One of the cities in the region, Filadélfia, has a glorious past, because it was part of the river route connecting Goiás to the north of Brazil.

There it is possible to enjoy the beaches of river Tocantins and the unique Fossil Trees Natural Monument, a rare world scientific heritage. Xambioá became famous because of the conflicts between the guerrilla and the military. Today, the city fosters ecotourism on its rapids, waterfalls and river beaches. Other important cities in the region are Araguaína, Babaçulândia, Itacajá, Pau D’Arco and Wanderlândia.